Never give up!!


“Never give up on something that you cannot go on a day without thinking about – Winston Churchill.” Giving up on your dream because you have been facing failures is easy but that regret will last forever. Giving up is not an option, so don’t choose it. Instead, fight. Fight until you reach the destination; fight until you make your dreams come true; fight until you live that dream of yours. Before giving up think for one moment why did you started it in the first place? If you feel like you are stuck somewhere don’t think of giving up but think of a way to get out because there is always a way. If you couldn’t find one, create a one and leave a trail so that people like you who share the same belief could use that and follow it.

never give up

Just because someone is telling you to give up, it will never work, you are going in the wrong direction- well, they are not experts. So don’t listen to those people who make you feel down. Instead, surround yourself with people who will motivate and inspire you to work on your goals no matter what. Just before you give up on something, ask yourself this, “Did I give my best?” if you get “No” as an answer, then start again, give your best and then have patience until you succeed. Believe in yourself but never give up.

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What is stopping you?

Life is an adventure. Life is full of challenges. Life itself is a challenge. Either you accept the challenge and complete or just fall down. It’s in your hands and it’s up to you. When we were kids we dreamt of becoming something but ended up being something else which we didn’t aspire. You might have dreamt of becoming a scientist, doctor, rock star, astronaut and much more. Honestly how many of you lived that dream? Maybe only a few. So what stopped you from living that dream? It is us. Only we stopped ourselves from being the better version of ourselves because we were too afraid of falling and thinking about what others might say. There were so many “what ifs” within us. These two small words have the power to kill any dream. stopping-you

So, friends even now you can start to live the life you always dreamed of. Stop working like a machine for a moment and just ask yourself whether you are happy right now with your life. If you get YES as the answer then that is fine but if you get an answer as NO then you should start to make necessary changes because only you have the power to change yourself and that power lies within you. Don’t you want to prove your haters and naysayers what you are really capable of? Even if it not for them you should prove it to yourself as you are your biggest competition. Grind yourself till you attain that goal of yourself and never stop. Never stop just because someone is saying that you can’t do. You know yourself better than anyone else in this world so don’t mind those people who demotivate you. Instead, shut their mouths with your success.

Be limitless